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Can you put In-Wall speakers on the ceiling?

An interesting question recently came up on whether you can use In-Ceiling speakers on a wall and In-wall speakers on a ceiling. The answer is YES! That said please consider the following before running off to cut perfect circles in your wall on either side of your news flat panel TV.

We make In-wall speakers rectangular because as humans we're used to seeing "square" and "rectangular" things on or against walls like windows, pictures and of course TV's.

In-ceiling speakers are round because we're used to seeing "round" objects on the ceiling, mostly light fixtures. It could also be that the Sun and the Moon being round might have something to do with it! .

In general like size ceiling and wall speakers of similar sizes form the same company will likely sound quite similar in most cases. You're more likely to get less weird looks with In-wall speakers in your ceiling than if you put In-ceiling speakers in your walls. But, "not that there's anything wrong with that!"

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