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Buying Speakers Online

It may seem like a crazy idea to purchase speakers online but in reality it is not. The key to determining what
a good pair of speakers sounds like is using your ears in the room you’ll be listening music in.

Buying speakers in a retail store
Most retail stores these days (not all mind you) have a limited selection of speakers. They also might have a listening room (or not) that allows for thoughtful consideration of the speakers you are considering purchasing. There may or may not be other folks in the room at the same time talking or worse yet listening to other music! This is a long way of saying that the best way to judge how good a speaker sounds is in your own home.
If the retailer has a return policy (you’d want around 30 days) then it’s a good idea to purchase the speakers you want and take them home for a listen. Just be sure there are no restocking fees involved.

Why do I want to listen to speakers in my home?
Speakers will sound different in every environment. The size of the room, the floor and ceiling material and the furniture all affect how a speaker will sound. It is unlikely any showroom will even be remotely close to your room acoustics.
Buy Speakers Online From Amazon

Buying Speakers Online
There are lots of good speakers online that you can purchase. Not being able to touch and listen to the speakers is a minor disadvantage but reviews should give you a good indication of how well the speakers might sound. Look for a site that offers user reviews and an Open Forum where users discuss the product. Also look for the following features when purchasing speakers online
  • Free shipping
  • 30 day in home trial
  • Free return shipping

So why would you buy speakers online if all else is equal?
  • Better Selection
  • Online support forum
  • Cheaper prices (not always but remember online retailers usually have less overhead and might offer lower prices)
  • You don’t have to lug the speakers from the store to your house. With floor standing speakers this is no small advantage.
Things to remember…
  • Keep ALL the packing material as most stores, online or not will want it all back to issue a full credit.
  • Make sure there is no restocking fee

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