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Where to place speakers in a room

Main Speakers placement

Try to put the main speakers (Left and Right for stereo, Left, Center, and Right for home theater) along the same wall of your listening/viewing room. If you can place your speakers along the long wall, so much the better.

Use the “Rule of Thirds” when placing your speakers if possible. This suggests that the best placement for your Left speaker is approximately 1/3 of the way along the wall behind your speakers. Similarly, the best place for the Right speaker is usually 2/3 of the way across the same wall.

Make sure that the speaker-to-listening/viewing position distance is the same for each speaker. Remember that the “Rule of Thirds” is a guideline only. Some professionals recommend placing the main (Left and Right) speakers so that they form an equilateral triangle with the prime listening/viewing position.

Reflections from side walls have a major impact on your sound so try not to place your main speakers close to them. Remember that the “Rule of Thirds” is a guideline only. Try not to place your main speakers so they’re exactly the same distance from the closest side wall. A bit of asymmetry here is actually preferable.

When you take the time to place your Main speakers, you’ll enjoy better “imaging” (the apparent placement of individual instruments or voices), and more depth.

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