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Amazon Echo rumors. What will the 2019 Echo look like?

Let’s say this right up front. This is a rumor we are starting. We don’t know anything you don’t, we just like to guess. 

What will the 2019 Amazon fall new product announcement include for the Amazon Echo speaker lineup? 

If today’s announcement about Amazon Music HD is a clue, I think we’re in for quite a musical holiday courtesy of our friends in Seattle. 

According to today’s announcement, Amazon says it has a catalog of over 50 million songs with what it calls CD resolution and millions more that are even higher quality of 44.1kHz and up to 192.kHz. Basically lossless sound quality.  What does this mean? If you have the ears for it you’ll hear things in your music your ears have been missing for a while, even if you have high quality headphones. All this for it’s new Amazon Music HD service which will sell for $14.99 a month or $12.99 a month for Prime members. If you already have a paid subscription to Amazon music you can get it for just $5 more per month.

The challenge is none of your current Echos can really take advantage of this new service. You’ll still hear the music but you’ll be missing much of the nuance that this type of stream offers. You could stream through  a high fi system like Denon or some of Amazon’s other partners in this launch.  But may be you want to have a simpler set up like  two echos and a sub.

It may also mean that Amazon is getting ready to tee-up a few new speakers in it’s Echo line up. 

Let’s speculate and build a wish list of an Echo speaker line up that would benefit from this new streaming service. 

What would this new Echo line up look like? Let’s speculate.

The satellites. An Echo with a 3-4” mid-woofer in an Apple HomePod sized package with multiple tweeters. Maybe one with stereo directionally placed tweeters with a mono mid-bass configuration. 

Or it could have 3 speakers; a 4” woofer, 2” mid and multiple tweeters. 

The sub. Imagine a kicked up a notch Amazon Echo Sub where you have more control over the cross-over point and the volume. And speaking of volume, a little more umph.

And no matter what the configuration it would likely have a higher quality DAC to do justice to the incoming digital signal. 

All this is of course speculation. It could be Amazon will simply work with it’s partners to create the hardware to deliver on their new music streaming service. It could also be that this is where Amazon steals the show from everyone by not only delivering a higher quality audio stream, but the affordable hardware to go with it. 

Maybe this is the moment where high quality music makes its way back into homes around the world. People might even put down their phones and start really listening to music again. I can dream, right?

What Outdoor Speakers Work With Alexa

Alexa and Google Home powered smart speakers can make their way outdoors in several ways. 

Echo Input
  • If you have an Echo or Google Home speaker you could simply unplug it, carry it out side and plug it in again. 
  • You can get portable versions of both smart speaker platforms from the likes of JBL, Ultimate ears and others that you simply move outdoors. Some of them last up to 10 hours on battery power. 
  • Using an Echo input allows you to use any wireless or wired outdoor speakers you have laying around to bring the smarts outside. 

But if you’d prefer a portable battery powered smart speaker, there are many choices. We even heard 20 UE Booms playing outside, spread out across a court yard and they sounded incredible. Given that they cost around $100 each this would of course be a costly solution. 
Cyber Acoustics and Echo Dot 2

I recently stumbled upon the Cyber Acoustics portable Echo Dot 2nd gen speaker which given the reviews it gets looks like a tremendous deal. It’s available on amazon for under $60 and works both on power and battery. Please note this only works with the Echo Dot 2 which is sold separately. 
 If you buy both products you total cost will be around $85.

There are more traditional ways of hooking up outdoor speakers to Alexa: Hooking up an Echo Dot to a audio receiver with outdoor speakers Buying a new receiver with Alexa built in No matter what you decide there are lost so options to bring the advantages of either Alexa or Google Home into the great outdoors.

Outdoor Subwoofers

Is there such a thing as a outdoor subwoofer?

There are indeed subwoofers you can use outdoors. The choices seem to be rather limited and as for sound quality, it will depend upon your expectations. Low frequency sounds like those from subwoofers require the speaker to move lots of air. When used outdoors this could require a lot of speaker area to create.

Some options

Underground option
When looking on Amazon there seem to be only a few choices. TIC GS50 8" Outdoor Weather-Resistant Omnidirectional In-Ground Subwoofer is one that actually gets put in the ground! It requires a separate amplifier and you'll still need two satellite speaker for left and right channels that will sit above ground unless you purchase its sister product, the TIC GS3 8" Outdoor Weather-Resistant Omnidirectional In-Ground Speaker. 

I'm not a fan of putting speakers in the ground but hey, if you want to hide the speakers and your willing to bury the wiring underground, have at it.

Customer review are mixed but those who liked it really thought it was great.

Above ground option
This speaker has its own hidden talent but in this case it hiding in plain sight. The Earthquake Sound Granite-10D Outdoor Subwoofer is designed to look like a rock. It also requires that you have an outboard amplifier to power it and the satellite speakers but you do not have to bury this one in the ground. It also has available matching satellite speakers for left and right channels.

Although this has a 4 star review on Amazon, there are only 3 reviews which is never enough to really tell how good a product is. But if you're into hiding your speakers, this might be a better choice if you don't like digging and burying cables.

Covered porch option
If you have a covered environment that is secure from the elements you could consider a regular everyday subwoofer. It would need to be totally free from any chance of getting wet. It would also be recommended that have a switch to turn off the power to the subwoofer when not in use. We do not recommend this option as most subwoofers are not designed to be operated outdoors.

Larger bass driver option- Best option

If you want more bass and are not trying to build an outdoor home theater, we'd recommend you get a pair of high quality outdoor speaker with a 6" or larger woofer to deliver more bass including the Polks you'll find here. There are lots of options on Amazon and elsewhere to choose from.

Whatever your needs, always take care in dealing with wiring and electrical components when planning your outdoor space. If you're unsure, hire a professional.

This blog is affiliate supported and we may receive some compensation for products if you purchase them. Thanks for your support.

Can I paint outdoor speakers?

Yes, you can paint outdoor speakers. If they are in a polycarbonate/plastic shell, paint them with a plastic compatible paint. Although we don't recommend painting outdoor speakers, if you must, proceed with caution.
  • Remove the grille
  • Carefully mask off the entire front of the speaker, not just the speaker cones
  • Carefully and completely mask the speaker terminals
  • Use a paint designed for plastics and is suitable for outdoor environments
  • Don't over paint them. Apply several light coats
  • Use a gloss paint to make it easier to clean
Three reasons you might want to paint your outdoor speakers
  1. You need to match a specific decor
  2. Your wife will only let you buy them if they are "coral"
  3. The ones you have are currently crusty looking 
Three reasons you may not want to paint your outdoor speakers
  1. You could ruin them by spraying the speaker cone or terminals
  2. Depending on the condition of the speaker surface the paint may not adhere properly
  3. Outdoor speakers were designed to withstand the elements. Direct sunlight, heat, rain and other elements may make your paint peel or crack
If you want to paint your speakers because they are dirty, consider trying to clean them with a mild detergent on a damp cloth first. If you really want to paint them we wish you well.

The Top 10 Outdoor Speakers 2019

What are the best outdoor speakers for 2019?

To be honest, I am not choosing 10, but sometimes less is more. In this case, it's true. A little of everything, from expensive to downright cheap and a few in between. 

If this summer is anything like last summer we're in for some good outdoor living. Even if it's not perfect, there will be days you'll want to get out in the yard or patio, sip your favorite adult beverage and listen to some tunes.

To get the tunes you could simply get a decent bluetooth speaker and call it a day. Or, if you're like me and want some serious tunage, you'll get dedicated outdoor speaker with quality sound.

Although best is different for everyone, here are the best speakers for your yard according to reviews on Amazon, with the help of our curation. 

I've always had a soft spot for Polk Audio. These Atrium 6 bass reflex speakers are all weather and should look and sound great. Here is one of the top reviews addressing how much bass they are hearing from these 6" woofers. Not cheap, but worth it. 
"I LOVE POLK.....and these also sound great. Easy install. I had first gotten the Atrium 5, and returned it. The Atrium 6 has much better bass (big sound difference)."

Next up, the Yamaha NS-AW150WH another 4.5 star choice in outdoor listening. 5 in woofers still manage to kick out some bass and they are water resistant. There are acoustic suspension speaker for what the copy calls, taut, controlled bass. Yamaha is known for accuracy, which when listening to music I prefer over overly mid or bass favoring speakers. 
These are much less expensive then the Polks but this reviewer loved them. 
"These are great. I'm not an audiophile by any means, but these get LOUD. I have them set up on my deck and they have held up well. We actually had 2 REAL bad storms in the last couple months since I installed them, and they didn't budge, and still sound great."

Dual Electronics LU43PB 4 inch 3-Way made it on to this list because they are an Amazon's choice and they are inexpensive and hey, they got 4 stars! i'll be honest, you're not going to get the same sound you get from the Yamaha's are Polks but you'll pay a LOT less. If you just want background music that sounds better than that tinnie, tiny bluetooth speaker you've got but don't have a lot of extra cash, these might do the trick. Plus, you've to LOVE this guys review. "I've had these speakers for 8 years. The sit on an outdoor wall, exposed to the elements on a windy corner patio is NYC. They've survived 2 hurricanes, 2 tornadoes, snowmageddon, snowpocalypse, Bloomberg, de Blasio, and some pretty intense heat." 

Then for you hardcore Bose fans, there is the Bose 251 Wall Mount Outdoor Environmental Speakers which is a mouthful. They do get 4 stars and you get the Bose name. They will set you back enough to get 3 sets of the Polks, 5 sets of the Yamaha's and more sets of the Dual's than you have rooms in your house. With a 5" woofer Bose does what it does best: make a lot of bass from a small enclosure. This guy's review hinged on In-a-Gadda-Da-Vida sounding great on them. Made me chuckle. "OMG!! The best sounding speakers I have ever owned! And yes, I have other Bose speakers but these are a step above in clarity and sound. I don't even have a sub woofer and they are so good. You wouldn't believe the little 50 amp amplifier I have them attached to either. In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida has never sounded so good."Whether you have a garden or not. Bose makes a solid product.

If you have an enclosed porch, these in-wall outdoor speakers. I know right, did you see that coming? Me either. The Polk RC85i 2 way premium in-wall 8" speakers with paintable grills. Though meant for damp locations, these speakers can be mounted on an outside wall but should be in a covered or protected area. With 8" drivers for bass and walls to help resonate the sound, these will likely kick butt!

Need more choices? 

Please note we may make some beer money if you purchase from the links above. Hey, a person's gotta live.

What is the difference between weatherproof and water resistant speakers?


Popular Yamaha Outdoor All Weather Speakers

These designations may have not affect on it's components, electronics or how good it sounds. The main difference is in the housing, the outer shell of the speaker that protects the speaker and other components. 

Water resistant speakers will offer protection from everyday elements of light rain and moisture. They may not be sealed and water may be able to reach the interior of the cabinet or the speaker itself. 

Waterproof speakers may not only have superior protection from the elements but have speaker cone or surround material that are more resistant to water damage than outdoor speakers that are simply water or weather resistant. 

Even if speakers are waterproof or weatherproof, it's best to remove protect them from the elements during extreme weather. For instance if you live in a cold climate you should take your speaker inside during the cold months where you unlikely to be using them outside anyway. 

Cleaning Outdoor Speakers

Whether your speakers are waterproof or water resistant you should clean them now and then if for no other reason to maintain their outer appearance. Some thoughts on cleaning outdoor speakers.
  • Use only a damp cloth.
  • If needed use a damp cloth that has a mild dish detergent.
  • Dry them off with a clean cloth.
  • Do not submerge them in water.
  • Do not use harsh chemicals.
No matter which you choose know that any speaker that is exposed to the elements may loose sound quality over time. 

Bluetooth waterproof speakers are a totally different animal and in some cases are submersible. 

This post contains affiliate links for which the speaker guys many receive compensation. 

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