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How to make Bookshelf Speakers Wireless

The easiest way to make bookshelf speakers wireless is to power them with a small amplifier that connects to a bluetooth or wifi connection to the sound source like your phone.

In 2018/19 it's never been easier to repurpose the bookshelf speakers you have lying around in your basement or attic. All you need is a small stereo power amp, usually under $300, and a bluetooth dongle. Better yet, Amazon now make products that connect directly to your speakers that can make your bookshelf speakers "smarter".

What to do

First inspect your old bookshelf speakers and make sure they are in good shape. Plug them into your old receiver or amp an see if they still sound ok. If they do here are some products that will give them a whole new life.

Amazon Echo Input
This nifty little device hooks up to any small stereo amp you can get on Amazon and otherwise works just like any other echo. Ask it questions, play music, whatever an Echo can do, it can do.  Though you do need your own amp, the Echo Input is a simple solution.
A side benefit, the Mini Home Audio  and the BT20A seen below also have bluetooth connection.

If you're more of a Google guy or gal you can also with the Google Chromecast or simply use the bluetooth connection to one of the above listed amps. Either way you made use of those old speakers which most likely will blow away any bluetooth speaker you currently have laying around your home.

Just a reminder that we write, review and advise for beer money here at TSG. If you buy something from a link on this page we might get a bit of joy. Thanks for stopping by.

An 8 Port Single Driver Loudspeaker that Will Blow Your Mind

I was recently invited to a neighbors house to listen to his new DIY loudspeakers. They were built from plans from Decware DIY audio projects with the help of another neighbor who is very good at woodworking.

Our friend Miguel is an electrical engineer who built all the components in his system including his turntable, which I'll share in another post soon. He's a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to the source and delivery of his music.

When he mentioned he had new speakers, we pretty much dropped everything and headed on over for a listen.

The Speaker plans

Miguel's new do it yourself speakers were built from Model NFX  plans.

The Driver

The driver is a single full range 8" full range crossover-less loudspeaker. The spec sheet claims a minimum power requirement of 2 watts. OK then. I like it.

The Cabinet

The cabinet, which as mentioned was built by Brian, another neighbor from plans from Decware DYI plans was nothing short of stunning. I don't often use that word to describe the physical form of a loudspeaker but in this case it held true.

Yes the cabinet was carefully hand crafted with beautiful matched fronts, but the baffles, oh the baffles!

The cabinet sits at a 20 degree angle and there are eight (8) baffles, 4 on each side. And oh, what they do is nothing short of amazing.

The dimensions

The cabinet is 12.5" wide, 17" deep and 42.5" high. The Decware website calls this the Nibbelin Ultraflex that has no parallel surfaces.

You can read all their marketing stuff here.

The Sound

The most amazing trick this speaker accomplishes is to almost totally disappear. I've heard a lot of speakers and these are one of the most transparent speakers I've ever heard. The sound stage was immense and seamless. Sound was everywhere and very balanced and comparable to good electrostatic panels. A beautiful mixture of mids, highs and cultured bass that simply filled the room with music and incredibly natural vocals.

The one thing though...

Jazz, acoustic music, symphonic music sounded amazing with just the right amount of bass, for me at least. Where the Decware's fell short was rock or anything requiring more booming bass. The soundstage remained impressive but the bass was just not delivered in a satisfying way. Nothing a good sub could not and did solve.

But the reproduction of jazz and vocal musics along with the immense soundstage makes me want them just for those genre's alone.

Bottom line

Would I buy these? Well, all tolled with labor these came out to about $2,000. A reasonable price for these incredible sounding and looking speakers. Of course you build cost could vary. That said, I want one of Miguel's turntables before a new set of speakers, of which I already have quite a collection.

Here are some of the specs from Decware's site.


  • 99 dB with 1 watt at 1 meter
  • 58Hz ~ 20kHz flat
  • 48Hz ~ 25kHz -3dB
  • 8 ohm nominal impedance
  • Crossoverless
  • 2 ~ 60 watts
  • Max SPL 115 dB
  • Size 12.5" wide, 17" deep, 42.5" high
  • Ultraflex cabinet

10 Reasons to get the Jabra Elite 65T - Review

I'd been looking for a pair of in ear buds for quite a while. I had pretty specific requirements.

  1. The earbuds must fit well and can be worn for extended periods of time.
  2. They do not look too stupid sitting in my ears.
  3. The batter lasts for at least 4 to 5 hours.
  4. Easy controls on the earbuds themselves.
  5. They did not fall out during exercising.
  6. Earbuds that sounded great. Good bass but not overwhelming as some Beats earbuds can be.
  7. A carrying case that fit easily in my pocket.
  8. Have great microphones for endless conference calls.
  9. Keep the din of an open office environment at bay. 
  10. And last but definitely not least, they had to have pass through sound. More on that later.

Jabra Elite 65T ear buds
The Jabra Elite 65T seemed to fit the bill from everything I had read about them and the initial reviews. More on that later too.

The Verdict is In - Bottom line?
They are great. 

So I bought a pair about 4 months ago (In August 2018). I can say that they exceeded my expectations in most areas.

I find I can wear them for 2-3 hours at a time without removing them in an open office environment. On the do they look stupid in my ears front, I'd have to say somewhat. But hey, they look bettern than the white goo coming out of folks ears with Apple AirPods.

The battery does indeed last almost 5 hours and the case charges them very quickly.

The controls are the weakest point in my opinion. Which is not to say that they are bad, I just find them more difficult to use than I had hoped. Enabling pass through sound and pausing music work great. Getting the left bud to connect is a little more dicey but ONLY if it's taken out later after the right one is already connected. I think this is user error however.

These things sound fantastic. I mean they sound very even, controlled an full. No boomy bass or harsh treble. They just have a very natural, smooth sound I can listen to for hours. The microphones do a very good job of blocking out noisy neighbors and when I've asked, calls I'm on people comment that sound is great. They also do a great job of passively blocking sound from the aforementioned noisy co-workers. The carrying case is functional. It would be nice if it was magnetic but that has not been an issue.

Pass through sound
This has been one of my favorite features. A quick double tap on the right ear bud let's sound in from the outside whose volume can be controlled in the app. The sound is not totally natural sounding but it does allow me to speak with co-workers without removing the Jabra Elite 65t's from my ears.

They have never fallen out. Period. I have been on 15 mile bike rides with them in and pass through sound engaged and not only do they stay in, but the sound of approaching cars is very clear and distinct. There is some wind noise at higher speeds but nothing too bothersome.

Bottom line
I would highly recommend these to anyone for the uses I've described above. Especially my Apple loving friends who think those weird ear drops they are wearing make them look cool.

One last thing
Looking at reviews on Amazon I see they have dropped to 3.5 stars from the 4 stars they used to have. It appears that many of the bad reviews deal with buds dying an early death and unresponsive customer service. I've not experienced this with mine. I could be lucky, or it could be I treat them pretty carefully.

Hey, if you like this review you'll be glad to know that we might make a small commission from Amazon from your purchase. Cheers, TSG.

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